Parlour Peeps: Kirstin Carlin

Kirstin Carlin

Painting photos by Sam Hartnett. Ambience photos by Lydia Chai. House was packed Can’t get enough of that mulled wine, more mugs! Irresistible mulled wine brewed by Parlour throughout the event Day time visitors enjoying winter sunshine For the non alcoholics, cinnamon mint refreshments Kirstin’s family dropped in for a visit, too 🙂 Brydee looking … Continue reading

Parlour Odyssey

Feast like the gods!

In days of yore the ancients used to feast for days, even years. Parlour is bringing back such tradition of prolonged merrymaking this weekend! Come join us for excursions to three markets around Auckland: Silo Park on Friday, Pakuranga Night Market on Saturday and Avondale Market very early on Sunday morning. It just so happens … Continue reading

Parlour presents… Sophia Al-Maria // 7pm // Wed // 7 March //


Parlour is screening Qatari-American artist Sophia Al-Maria‘s video work, Scifi Wahabi, at Snake Pit this Wednesday 7th March. Come join us at 6.30pm for a 7 o’clock start at Snake Pit, 33 High St. Popcorn & refreshments will be served. // Sophia Al-Maria is a regular contributor to Bidoun Magazine where she writes on subjects ranging … Continue reading

Parlour Peeps: Fleur Sandbrook and Kirsten Dryburgh

     ACCOMPANYING ESSAY by Lydia Chai > > The Trees For we are like the trunks of trees in the snow. Apparently they rest smoothly on the surface and with a gentle push we should be able to shift them. No, that one cannot, for they are firmly attached to the ground. But see, that … Continue reading

Parlour Peeps: art in artists’ living spaces

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Midwinter Parlour Games

Over the month of June, in the spirit of renewal, we selected a few artists to kick off a tag-you’re-it art game. They made spontaneous, quick artworks  that we put online, that responded to the general theme of revitalization and freshness. These artists  then tagged other artists to do the same, and so the games … Continue reading

Magic, upholstery, puzzles and speech contests

The Intention of This Installation by Chloe Lane My flatmate and her friend are going to vandalise our hallway for the St. Valentine’s Day party. They will use pink spray paint. It is piglet pink and convincing as the colour for indicating heart-shaped love. ‘So far I’ve got, love is the drug and love will … Continue reading