Midwinter Parlour Games

Over the month of June, in the spirit of renewal, we selected a few artists to kick off a tag-you’re-it art game. They made spontaneous, quick artworks  that we put online, that responded to the general theme of revitalization and freshness. These artists  then tagged other artists to do the same, and so the games … Continue reading

Magic, upholstery, puzzles and speech contests

The Intention of This Installation by Chloe Lane My flatmate and her friend are going to vandalise our hallway for the St. Valentine’s Day party. They will use pink spray paint. It is piglet pink and convincing as the colour for indicating heart-shaped love. ‘So far I’ve got, love is the drug and love will … Continue reading

Introducing Parlour

Hello. Click on About to learn more about us. Watch this space.